I just wanted to say a very big thank you. Our cake was just perfect. You made our day as stress free as possible. Everything went so smoothly and that because you were professional and reliable. We were so thankful and received many comments on how beautiful the cake was. Thank you for assisting in making our day everything we could have hoped and dreamed of. Many thanks, Julie.

Julie Henderson

Dave and I just wanted to say a huge thank you for our amazing cake for our wedding in February! We were so lucky to have won our cake and you guys just went above and beyond! I have attached a few photos that our photographer took J Thanks again!

Stacey Paterson

Just a note to say a Huge Thank You to all you lovely ladies at Kidd’s Cakes. The morning tea you prepared for us today … presented well, was delicious and very much appreciated by us all. Warm regards from the staff at Rutland Street Church.

Heather Rout

Oh cool!! It looked amazing and tasted fantastic!! Thanks so much for the wonderful effort!! J

Jessica Pinnington-Pilet

The kids stacked a pile of wood today, and as payment they asked if they can go to Kidd’s Cakes and pick what ever they like…… Well needless to say they were wrapped with their decision!!! Thank you and great service.

Tabitha Ravenwood

Thank you so much for the fantastic cakes, cookies and cupcakes. You made catering for those who are dairy free and gluten free a breeze.

Natasha Layton

“Great Place for Takeaway or Eat in!”

Stopped for a bite to eat and a coffee with friends on our way into Christchurch. They have a good selection of sandwiches, salads, sweets and other goodies to please adults and kids alike!


“Fast and Delicious”

The food selection and quality is fantastic, and very affordable. Service is always quick and with a smile, even when very busy – which it usually is.


Holy Powdered Sugar. This place is awesome. After hearing that they won the hot cross bun competition for the second time in 2015, I decided to check out their website. Yup, looks awesome. My partner needed to bring some snacks into work, so I figured I’d pick up some cookies and try out one of their famous buns. The building is a large cube with large windows flooding the space with light. There is a seating area as well as an extremely long wrap around counter that is filled to the brim with a carboholics-dream. From hot cross buns (raisins and craisins with warm butter on the inside of the soft chewy bun) and cinnamon rolls and rasberry buns to lolly loafs and cream puffs and cookies, this place could feed an army of hungry children.

They have pre-packaged cookies (and other bars/loafs) for sale that are cheaper than ordering custom cookies (which you can do in store or on their website, which include custom cakes with photos or screen art) and come in bags of 7. I picked up some Afghan cookies, chocolate chip, one other packet and I am on a waiting list for the Belgium Biscuits when they arrive out of the oven. They design wedding cakes or other specialty cakes as well with many different cake flavors.

Starve yourself for a couple of days, come fill up on Kidds and drift happily into a carbo-coma. A must-visit! … why the missing half star? $$$$$.


Great selection of slices and sandwiches/rolls. It has lolly cake like every kiwi bakery should. Large eating area is good and typically busy at lunch time.

Camille Hughes

We ordered a large mud cake for a celebration. It was very tasty, moist, and gorgeously decorated! We placed the order online and they were no hassle at all to deal with. Good value too. Recommended!


Hey there. Yesterday our daughter had her 8th birthday party. She had a special order cat cake that looks like our family pet. The cake was amazing and so delicious and everyone loved it. It was perfect!

Thanks again to Kidd’s Cakes.

Rebecca Dew